HDMI-Lightning-Adapter: 1 (eaa1eb8e-988a-4af2-b8b6-a08af5e7f256) 12,90 EUR*


  • Kategorie: Audio-/Video-Kabel
  • Preis: 12,90 EUR* (zzgl. 2,99 EUR Versand)
  • Ersparnis gegenüber UVP: 17,09 EUR (56.99%)
  • Marke: groupon
  • Händler: Groupon Germany
    Groupon Germany
Zum Angebot Ideal for everyday or professional use, this adapter mirrors the display of the iPhone or iPad to bigger screens for a convenient viewing.- PLUG AND PLAY: No additional any APP & Personal Hot spot or WIFI- APPS SUPPORTED: supports You Tube, Hulu Plus,...